Pam Woods - Messages of Condolence and Memories
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Pam Woods died (post op) of an aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage,in the Intensive Care Unit at Hope Hospital, Salford on 5th October 2008. Following surgery on 21st/22nd September, Pam seemed to be beating what she knew was a terrible, but survivable neurological condition. We all hoped and hoped Pam would pull through, but 9 days after admission her brain went into spasm and she deteriorated from then on.

Awful things like this happen and everyone hopes that it is never going to happen to them, or to someone they love, but then it does. We must all accept what has happened and turn our strength into a positive, proud celebration of Pam’s life.

When someone so precious to us as Pam dies, there is a strong temptation to turn our happy memories into sad ones. We filter our memories through our loss and their untimely death. With Pam's memory, we must fight that urge. She gave so much to so many people; she touched so many lives that we must, as I am sure she would, cherish this influence on others.

Pam lives on in three ways, firstly in the memories she leaves with those of us lucky enough to have known her.

Secondly, in the lives of those she has saved in her wish to have her organs donated.

Thirdly, in the memories we can all share on this website, a place in which to record anecdotes and stories, stories that we have maybe all heard before, but would love to hear again. We can share our photographs and that smile.

It doesn’t have to be now, it could be in a year or so but the more we all contribute the easier it will be to endure our loss.


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